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Amoretti Premium Syrup Macadamia 25.4 Ounce LYITNTDNA

Amoretti Premium Syrup Macadamia 25.4 Ounce LYITNTDNA

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Made with natural flavorOnly 35 calories per serving and 62 servings per bottleFree pump includedDelicious syrup for latte, tea, coffee, smoothies, Italian soda and dessertsProudly made in Southern California

One of Amoretti’s most unique flavored syrups is our macadamia syrup. Manufactured to Amoretti’s exacting standards from natural ingredients, Amoretti Premium Macadamia Syrup contains no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners, no trans-fats, no high fructose corn syrup, and is certified kosher. It is thicker, richer, and more concentrated than competitive brands, and is never cloyingly sweet, so one pump of Amoretti Premium Pistachio praline syrup can give you the same burst of flavor as 2 or even 3 pumps of competitive brands, and we even include the pump! The smooth buttery taste of macadamia is always welcome in coffee, tea, hot cocoa or steamed milk, but there are so many other ways you can enjoy the flavor of this exceptional syrup. Use it to enhance the flavor of your nut breads, add it to cakes, cookies, and shortbreads, cream pies and cheesecakes, and confections such as nut barks, butter brickles, brittles and truffles. Amoretti Premium Macadamia Syrup can also serve as a savory ingredient in your favorite dinner recipes such as fish fillets with macadamia butter or crusted with macadamia flavored bread crumbs, or simply mix a bit into your favorite stir fry. Amoretti Premium Macadamia Syrup can also be added to a savory tart, a quiche or a soufflé. Regardless of whether you use it in a sweet or savory preparation, you will never be disappointed in the creamy rich taste of Amoretti Premium Macadamia Syrup.

Amoretti Premium Syrup Macadamia 25.4 Ounce LYITNTDNA

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